Winds Of Change


there was once in my life,

when my most gallant soul stood this strife;


it was a time when optimism weaned weak,

pessimism darkened every cheer to bleak;


a deep dejection ruled my heart,

and the fear of failure weighed down every thought;


It was the darketh hour,the sky metaphorised my mood,

only was a faint twinkling star, reminding me of how alone i stood;


chirping lullabies, chilling cold kissed me to rest,

i resurfaced again, dressed as warrior on conquest;


all with a sword,in the enemies fort, i had their courage ruptured

alone, I fought thousands, before they had me captured;


millions in camp shouted “hang the enemy, hang the killer”,

just then a little girl kissed my hand and said “you are the hero, you taught them fear”;


a million shouts suddenly seemed to lack voice,

for just a girls kiss was enough to wake again a warriors might;


a loud blaring siren, broke my further bliss;

upright in my bed, filling my ears, was a chilling hiss;


the warrior me, the little girl, the brazen army were all gone,

awakening me to count on, every experience bygone;


these gave me the wings of power to be in the game,

and what blew over me were the wings of change;



Pravin Saraswatula